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Superior Tire & Auto is your one stop shop for all your auto repair and tire needs.  


Wheel Alignment

Gail Shapiro

Time and mileage eventually work to change your car's original factory condition.  Component wear and encounters with pot holes alter the settings designed into the steering and suspension for precise handling, maximum tire performance and even fuel mileage.

As it is common for original manufaxturer specs to call for 1/16 inch tow in on the front tires, it's a good idea to have the alignment checked every few years.  The front inside edges of the front tires are set a factory dimension closer together than the rear edges to improve the way the car handles and tracks in a straight line.

Off just a little shows up in slightly more steering input in highway driving, excessive tire wear, or a mile per gallon lost in the shuffle.  If steering components are worn or their alignment was largely altered by a pot hole the car will usually tell you by ignoring what you are doing with the steering wheel and wanting new front tires very shortly.

Superior Tire / Car Fitness Centre has the most up to date wheel alignment technology with multi-processor cameras and graphic display providing utmost accuracy.